Dream big, and do business planning carefully with NESO NET
Dream big, and do business planning carefully with NESO NET
Dream big, plan meticulously, execute fast
Dream big, plan meticulously, execute fast

About Us

Your idea is great and promising, and strongly supported by all banks and investors you meet. Professional, neat, precise and bespoke business plan is embraced by them. And your pitch presentation draws attention of many investors. You know the exact share of the business you are going to give away, and have a full picture on your financials, including breaking even point and their ROI.  


If only there was a chance of that happening today…


Because right now your business plan was rejected as unprofessional, although you’ve filled-in every section of a template meticulously. And your last pitch has been an utter failure. And the last investor asked for a bigger stake than you can imagine, but you had no arguments to prove him that he's wrong. But the worst part is that you have no plan and are not moving anywhere.


I’m a professional business strategist and I work with small&medium businesses, who were previously self-funded, but now want to re-define their strategy and grow fast. They need financing from banks or investors, as well as clarity and action plan to achieve tremendous results and an impressive growth.


As a successful consultant with more than a decade of hands-on experience in multinational business, I work with entrepreneurs who want to:


- Have a full clarity on their new venture and negotiate the best possible deal

- Give away exactly that stake of their business, which is enough to reach an investor target on ROI, but leaves their business in their hands and control

- Pass the business plan to investors, get financing, and START GROWING BUSINESS!


I believe it’s absolutely possible to create a unique and bespoke strategy for your business and present it successfully to investors. Because when you have an accurate plan, you will be able to act and grow, and provide your unique product to your hungry users and ROI to your investors!


After 9 years in B2B sales and daily negotiations, after creating strategies for a variety of clients, ranging from a niche real estate agency in UK to an internet service provider in MENA and fitness in Australia, after preparing pitches for venture capital firms and private investors, and filling-in dozens of grant and bank loans applications, it’s fair to say I know a thing or two about how to raise capital, write a business plan, or negotiate a deal.


  • My business plan for an e-learning company was presented to Silicon Valley investors and raised several million of venture capital circa.


  • Small haidressing salon from UK contacted me for help with a solid loan application for a very conservative UK bank and got it. 


  • As a marketing strategist for a publishing house from New Zealand, I’ve given my client a confidence, a clear path to a successful launch and tools that he needs to start his amazing business.


  • Government grant application I wrote for my client from Australia made him a winner in this raffle.


Put simply, my clients get results.


When you work with me, you get access to everything I know about strategic business planning, venture capital raising, investor pitching and negotiating. As we work together I’ll encourage you to question your assumptions about your costs and revenues, challenge your marketing ideas and rigorously calculate your losses and profit, as you need the kind of strategy that I know you deserve to have.


By the time our work together is done you’ll have a full picture of what you need, will know your business model inside and out, be able to convince anyone in the value of your idea in a way that captures their attention and have a whole heap of strategies to choose from so you’ll never feel intimidated by a public speaking challenge or tough negotiations ever again.


If you want to raise venture capital with a business plan, a pitch and a strategy like this, get in touch


Tasha Tolmacheva 

Solid professional with 15+ years of hands-on experience with Fortune-500 companies in B2B and B2C, and strong academic background with Ph.D. in economics. These 15+ years in FMCG gave me skills in sales, marketing, business analysis, forecasting, organizational planning and management; my Ph.D. studies in economic theory helped me to build the structure around them.


Now I apply all these skills and knowledge to help my clients - small & medium businesses - to fuel their growth via external funding from venture capital firms, private investors or banks. 


If your previous ventures were mostly self-funded, if you never thought of giving a stake in your company to someone else and are unsure of how much to offer, then all this process of raising venture capital seems difficult, unclear and stressful.


Let me help you with:
- Forecasting and modeling to determine the exact stake of the company to offer to investors, including break even and investor's ROI calculation.
- Professional bespoke business plan, with top-notch market analysis, detailed operational strategy, and a full set of financial reports. 
- Convincing pitch deck for investors' meeting. 


I will fully equip you for prospecting and negotiating, from full set of decks to use in negotiations, to several live rehearsals of your pitch and even my personal participation in a meeting if needed.


If you feel stacked at selling your business idea, if your applications for grants or loans were refused, if the upcoming meetings with investors stress you and you feel totally unprepared, get my professional advice and support! 


I wrote business plans, pitches and strategies for a variety of businesses across the globe, ranging from brick-and-mortar to SaaS and mobile apps; from EU to MENA, New Zealand and Australia; from bank loans to government grants applications and investor meeting presentations. My clients successfully secured loans, grants and venture capital investments from several thousands to several millions euros circa.


You can see my experience in my LinkedIn profile.


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